PETRA ... if you haven't been there and it happens you are in Jordan .. BE THERE !!! its worth it .. if you've been there already, write your fucking blog !!

"Match me such a marvel save in eastern clime a rose-red city half as old as time ... some archeologists have ranked ancient Petra as the eighth wonder of the ancient world. one of most important famous attraction of jordan. the crew:

SaraNabilthe donkeythe teeth

The taxi ride from Amman (click here for map) is for 110JD 3 hrs (the driver is 90 years old) beware might sleep on the road ...
sara: do i hear frogs
nabil: nope its the driver snoring

the journey of the 800 stairs starts with 1JD entrace fee for lebanese and 21JD for an unknown nationality blonde female with green eyes holder of british passport with iraqi accent and supposedly lebanese citizen but with kurdish kafiyya... doesnt work sara !!!! the multi nationa tourist

avoid the 7JD horses in the begining and keep doing the 3KM descent until you reach the first monument. this path is called as-siq road and is the ancient entrance to petra. 1.2KM long deep and narrow gorge of stunning natural beauty.

At the treasuty which is the end of the siq road you bargain with the donkeys and the scary teeth dude and you get robbed by 50JD for 2 aged donkeys to give you a ride to the end of the road ... do that otherwise die in the sand :) well the donkeys are supposed to walk you all the way to the end of the city up till the Deir

amazingly the donkeys can climb the 800 stairs while the cheap assholes who refused to get robbed give you an akward eye ...
well some of them decided to do it cause they feel like powerful ... i feel rich and comfortable

trust the donkeys they know what they are doing and reach the top ... there you have a 10 mins walk to the view
the view from this way ... says the bedouin girl ... supposedly you can see arafa and some valleys and lots of things i saw few mountains and ok it was nice

now the way down we felt guilty cause all those old people and women were able to walk up so we let go the donkeys ... (bad idead!!!)
they say walking down is harder than up and they were right ... but you get to stop and take pictures and when we reach the gates no horses up there !!!!

so continue walking and in the last 5mins be cheap and dont pay 4JD for a horse ... kill urself in the sun and make it ...
here you are the champ who did the petra walk in 5 hrs