Paris !!

Ma ilil jledi 3ala shi

12:24 waiting for the room in the hotel marwan 7addi w mintek albo - wil bob mitil ijro !

fhemet 3leik law innak machine mish heik !!! kam se3a ?

woke up at 9:00 am - started at 10:30 pm
arrived to mont blanc at 1 am � temperature 3 (tallaj damirna)- arrived to Paris at 6:10

breakfast in the gare, chausson de pommes - ba3ed laf w dawaran (akeed mal dado al 7atit3azzabo) AMIOT hotel near the Gare de l�est

Day One
Notre dame, Louvre, tour Eiffel, champs elysees, arc de triumph
maru building, concorde place, galerie Fayette (bas kirmel il bob wil 3aj2a)
Moulin rouge (ya bayyeh � �maru�) - For history the 3 japaneses next to the licking machine

Maru : na3sein baddi neim � w iza il air baddo yfayyi2ni abel il sab3a baddi nik albo
Bob : she3leh ma3o .. w t7ayyaj 3al Moulin akh il sahra today she3leh ya m3allim

Ana ma khasni bi 7ada � tma7war b3id (after arriving to the hotel see above as we started our mail) ma 7ada fahmein 3a 7ada wil Houssam was parking and we were waiting for the room to get empty so we can sleep.

"Mounazzamit al ta7rir" - jomla mo3tarida !

Woke up late and headed to "Moulin Rouge"  Sikr w 3arbadeh w 7areem felti w 10 euro w 5 euro wil bob mousir inno ni7na mish min milano we work there !!! ya zalami sit mni7 wala sit 3atil ...  finally we entered and �. (akh ) � Farran ma kein feek ti7keh min il awwal ?

after Moulin we went to study the market. wala il bda3a sawda w ghalyieh .. w ossit se3a mish aktar. eh akeed shu marriage ya Ramadan?
Meanwhile maru took a "jalsit wi7deh" � "ikhtile2 ma3 il zet". w ni7na:
- " .. 30 euro labas � behind the bushes"
qui ha il cats oil piu grande? lui ? posso toccare ?
non mi piace il catso francese"

- "which hotel ? AMIOT? NO" .. fi moustawayet .. came back alone akeed at 5 am

Day 2
min tiz il sobo7o ya bob: "yalla ya maneyik fi2o" !!! yalla mashayna ? w kara3 7abit il nescaffe �.
Inno we were sitting and we were having a nice caf� the morning bas il bob was anxious to see paris!

Place de la concorde al se7a al ikht sharmouta wil park yalli
if you had time like one week u can sleep and ma tis2al
bas il a3di near the pool with the battat � ken badda nawmeh
wil boo 3al sari3 arat ghafweh

Louvre � al ba3Sa .. rain + not open � bas 3ala rayit il bob il duomo ma fi mitla
Darwish la ra7 wala ija. .. willi ma 3indo dado yjib bob
Anyway I was happy cause if there is something I hate is museums � one thing to notice is the entrance of the louvre made like a pyramid of glass � Maru said: "man they are like the eqyptians, one big and two small" � inno mchit ma3o bil fikra

W ba3d ma 3asar il master il boxerat we went on the bridge halla2 houwwi 3assaron bas bi2it tna22it shway lamma nacharon 3ala rayit il housam

Vote for the boat .. yalla .. iddilo ( we were on the bridge I don�t know which one and saw a boat with tourists in ) we took the bridge from the small island in the river something like vedette du pont neuf

Ramadan kaj wi7di under the bridge (90 years mja3wdeh) al shou like this her wish will come true !
Wil bob lal sara7a baddo y7arrik ijre inno ossa sarit zaha2 inno boat w 3am yimchi. Marwan ken hon � w tabashni 4-3 � (ghashesh) 2 keno shabeb. Eh akeed mich ana I am writing the history I can say what I want

Al pizza hut bi al park .. wil 3alam ki2ana mish sheyfs hada 3am yekol - actually we looked like pigs :)
Wil bob yidillo 7ikam. W ghasalna bil trab w 3al tour � On the sound of marcel khalifeh ya oummi iza3at alshark

Tour �
Bob: I don't like the way we parked! � and i dont want to wait 3 hours to get to the tower .. plus we are missing some pictures"
Maru: iddilo west .. ma fi 3aj2a. it's only like 30 minutes
Bob:  "minimum 3 hours"
Boo: "I badly need to use the toilet !"
Ramadan : bona sera � no English?? you speak frensh � ?? Sud African o no morocco ??
W iddela dahro kbeer .. w hiyyeh zabalito kamein. Adding inno ken ma3a khwerif � inno everytime we lose il Ramadan we see him with a girl m3abbrito mish m3abbrito ossa teniyeh
Allah satar ma zattala il ra2em. Ya Ramadan we are not in KSA habibeh !

Ta7ash il boo bi kirshou and bought 4 tickets � and we went up .. w al manzar trou2o iddilo
Bas 1er etage wala idem il deuxieme - Nshallah fikrak il deuxieme .. wala shi ..
Bob : Het la sawrak
Ramdan : ru7 ru7 � hilweh ru7 ru7, zableh mish tabi3iyyeh ....

Ramadan finished from Moroccans started Greek (Still trying to talk to a girl). Is it your first time ?
� bheem ya Ramadan (how did you leave her?? Next time think about the guys.)

Phobia ya m3allim on the top w paris (the guys believed inno ma3i Phobia � but to tell you everybody had phobia at around 250 m).

the most beautiful thing was that we saw it in the day .. and night fell while we were there ( I am still romantic after all ) and ramadan ya khayyeh mish ra7 3awfak
Also a Spanish girl. He doesn�t speak Spanish and she doesn�t speak English but he always finds a way sob7ana al allah !

fantarna from 320 m w mish bil tayyara, adding that we also smoked 3ala 321 lal Ramadan +2 7sebet 2youra fare2 ben mouth and dick

noting that eifeel the guy that built the tour had a room up there and used to invite visitors
in the room now the timseil al shame3 for him his daughter and Thomas edison

and Ramadan took a picture Maria the Spanish, saying "nothing in the universe is worth but Beirut paris and tour Eiffel."
wil maru attracted a guy mitil il 3adi the smiling guy marwan come on now between us. what is the story?

ok w dabit il lawtaneh ma3 il shabeb bil nazleh � id min eh biti meen ? w 3aj2a w 3aaalam

we were about to buy a lazer from a Sinigal but the police attacked him and caught him wil ramdan hab fi il 7ames ..
aspetta aspetta ! une minute (eh il francais sar shi tabi3i 3indo) He thought he can buy it from him in a low price now.

when we were to leave akeed il bob thought of buying pictures - the usual � today last night a paris ?? where ��..
we went to the market again "il shabeb mistasmra amwelah" � same conversation of course
- bonsoir
- bonsoir
- combien?
- 30 / 60
- ou est ?? hahahahaha Ramadan ken a7san o7dar sfouf il francais

Anyway we stayed like this going round and round 3milna 7abbeyit Moulin bas mnachfeh. and on and on till the market was full and il ramdan twaffa2
wil maru tolo3lo maskit *** � from a girl with open zipper !!

again till the hotel 6 am � we woke up on the sound of the interphone .. ya khjayyeh za3abouna
we forgot about the time difference. the girl was shouting I told you at 12 � so I said yeah it is moins vingt � oui monsieur 13 -20 � l3ama leh ?? w ana ba2oul �.

what did we have left to do ??? l�arc is better than tour lal sara7a the view is better at this elevation � continued to the champs w khidooooooo w ma akalna zabet
yimkin min wara da3eweh il maru yimkin min war niyyit il ramdan yimkin ma 7ada 3abbarna. We had French food "quichet" .. ana wil Ramadan wil bob w maru omelette �
wil wine akeed leger ,,, we want to drive back ... a long long highway is awaiting


Finished we drove to euro Disney not ver far � we thought that it is not worthy to go in for only 2 hours � bas man allah ykhalli il bob he convinced us! and that was another story
Arrived to euro Disney: from the beginning "fini" you are in another world � still in the parking bas ma bsaddi2 .. ya shabeb iza barra heik � kif jouwwa?
well we went inside � and all FTRB shou heih ?? fee heik !!!

Disney is devided into 3 parts the pubs and restaurants entrance free the cinemas effects part and the cartoons land � we chose?? yes !! CARTOONS LAND �.
As u enter u first see the hotel inside the land u pass under it book a ticket for 36 euro all day every where �.. the first thing u see as u are walking in the old American west street is the castle of sleeping beauty right there in the end .. man unbelievable a must see... you are now a cartoon character, as Maru said if somebody hits me, my head will bounce back and forth � like in tom and jerry. me and Houssam ma ilna jeldit shi � so we followed the bob and Maru they read the map and we enjoy... The first thing we saw was the snow white � I can�t describe. Go and see yourself �

Not to forget that we had like 5 parts inside cartoons land so we were running fast to catch what we can before they close � after snow white there was pinoccio and after we went directly to Indiana jones � well there was a roller coaster � as we were approaching we were hearing the screams � so ana b2akkidilkon inno kil il shabeb kenit idaya 3ala baydata � and we started � ya khayyeh haj t3allllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ... A3333333333333333333333333333333333333 w nazleh w barmeh w fawteh w tal3a � w akh 360 .. w bovvvvvvvvvvvvvvv finished .. la2 ba3d baddi �.

The next step is Caribbean � ramdan iza ba3d bitshid shi wi7deh baddi itirkak w fill � After we hit and stepped and were about to do a fight (no body wants to fight Arabs) we got there w ballash il Ramadan doux yeux w ballashna our trip in the boat � all artificial but all real. You see around you pirates getting drunk .. people counting money real puppets but not real .. A perfect full land of pirates around you with cannons and swords and money and � and � and .. till the end

At the end she was waiting for Ramadan and he got a kiss .. Out of everybody in disney land only ramadan got a kiss� akeed ma doux yeux. After this we went to see the sleeping beauty and to have our kiss but too bad she was already awake and she went out to a town near. hahahaha

We had a small share in the restaurants part � and saw a Michael Jackson look a like quit good � and we drove � and drove .. tired 90 % asleep �.
the co-pilot telling stories so the pilot doesn't fall asleep� but between us everybody was asleep. and i am not sure who was driving the car! I had the chance to drive alone home after the guys arrived � and alone I slept and missed the turn home and only woke up after like 10 minutes an wein w ana mein?� this is something u missed guys really .. I literally got lost for 30 minutes �.

The car was returned the day after � damaged destroyed � nothing to be compared to the first state .. and same for us .. nothing will put us in our first state � and no city is to be compared to PARIS ��.