Nice Monaco Cannes...  

The Idea: Nabil: shou ra2yak ya man to rent a car and go somewhere ?  
Marwan: ana fiya yalla this week
- no man i have no money
- it will only cost like 100 $
- tayyib ana fiya khalas ??
- yalla shou mitil ijri ana wijrak kamen ...

The Guys: Ok guys we are going to nice Cannes and Monaco or to Rome by car ni7na ray7in willi baddo yiji ahla w sahla ... of course no one came except me and maru   

The Car: We couldn't find a car as LOUAY (il khara) promised and marwan was downloading the maps and roads - so he sent: "man there is no car"
- Sure there is, I will look on the net come here I found one in Linate airport
, let's look it up.
- Khalas we go now to Linate I am sure we will find one. and there we only found ONE fiat Punto blue small manual for 150 euro
we took it and the morning we left at like 8 with maps and cams   

The Hit: Found the exit of Milan and we took the A7 highway, to our surprise there was snow ... yeah !! beautiful white fields ... we were happy finally driving in Milan for the first time ...   

Arriving in France: All roads were highways till we arrived to the entry in France... wala 7ada sa2al wala min deri! you just continue and the radio will start speaking in French and the cell will send you a message "welcome to francia con sfr" and your net is now SFR ...

Nice: Of course it wasn't too long till we got to nice we didn't know where to go and what to see so we looked for a info tourists and didn't find it we asked an old lady:  
- Saba7o ya hajji (akeed in francais)
- Ahla ya wladi
- Bta3rfi wein fi info ?
- la2 ya 3ayni sorry 3an jad ma ba3rif (bakkitni bi 3atfa)
then she followed us she was on the bicyclette and hit our window:
je pense qu'a cote la gare .. la gare merci madam ya hayati inti   

We easily found "la gare" (train station) and the info tourist and a parking as well (il saffe mish alileh bi nice more to come about that) I met THE girl there, ya3ni al al ta3rif ... AL 7ormeh ...  
Marwan: "banet italia ma bichabbrou 7ad il fransewiyyet". Vous pouvez aller ici labas promenade des anglais -- il ya aussi la bataille des fleurs ...
et encore la colline du palais a la cote d'azur we took the detailed map and swiiiiiichhhhhhhhhhhhhh yalla ma man we hit da road ...  

We took the car again and found another parking (bil ta7did rue des belgiques). Man I think we have to spend the night here we go to Cannes and come back and sleep here the night (Marwan) ok man (boo). On our way and the first hotel 52 euro the night !! hmmmmmm fitna yalla  
- Tu parles l'anglais? (nabil)
- Oui
- I want a room for this night for two
- il ya ... bla bla
- nous voulons cette chambre (maro)  
Man I think inno 3aasb cause we spoke first in English and now in French inno shou 3amnitse2al 3leih
the guy:
-yaaaaaaa marwein  
us :
ha?????? w toli3 libeneneh ya salam 3ala hazzak ya marwan kill marra bitwa2i3na 

 Anyway he helped a lot. We went walking till we reached the cote and we walked on the cote d'azur ....... YES!! .. ya salam I even took a stone from there .. you may laugh but this is for life anyway la bataille des fleurs tol3it mahrajein dakhm ... w 3arabiyyet zhour w characters min wara2 w cartoon w 7adid celebrating mar maroun and the euro event in all Europe we didn't pay yet we could see everything and enjoyed the celebration and we decided that we cannot get enough of nice so we stay here the night and tomorrow we go to Monaco and Cannes   after we had enough of the beauty of the carnaval and the cote d'azur we wanted to eat it was like 5 but we thought it is coming very late and we need to see the garden of the palais before night and we took stairs up instead of the elevators to see nice from above step by step the bouyout al armid and the coast and the shore and the roads .. shi bibakki until we reached the top it was a marvelous view ......

Then we enjoyed along walk after the sunset on the shore before we went back to the hotel marwan decided to park the car in a better place and we started looking ................... taaaa k3ina then we parked in a parking :( wa33333 14 euros for the night!!   back to the hotel we ate 5 sandwiches slept for two hours and back to the streets we saw the Lebanese guy again and told us where to go in Cannes and Monaco and advised us to drive all along the beach (w ken ma3o ha2 he was of great help)   when we got to the roads the night carnaval was still on and the streets full with people and everybody fighting with papers and sprays and i don't know what so tara2neha satleh w fitna bil jaw till 1 am ...and went to have a seat on the shore of cote d'azur again in the night (iino jarrabneh in all its states) and back to the hotel ...  

Cannes: Slept till  8 and again hit the road to Cannes ... at 9 we were in Cannes ... da3asna bi alba ..... we were parked .. loaded and ready and where near the palais des festival .......... marwan : sawwirneh ya kahyyeh bayyin il 3alam -... yamin shmel ... ya zalami ma bsaddi2 we walked around it and stepped on the printed hands of the VIPS ... yil3an 3ordo silvester stallone malla kaf 3leh .. and then we had a walk n the sands of cannes back to the car and drove all along the shore of Cannes until it was 11   

Monacco: we took the advise of the Lebanese and took tarik al ba7r sorry all, I can't describe this .. it is so beautiful nothing to be compared to anyway pictures are only 10% of the real beauty there was a small town before monaco called EZE right ?? ...   it is heaven on earth ... soooooooo beautiful.  

At the entry of monaco we took a picture under (monaco toura77ib bikom) and continued till we stepped bi alba .. also we were looking for tourists info but couldn't find while driving I realized we are inside the tunnel yeah the formula1 ... where at the exit there is that formula1 car .. of course we took a picture and found a map on the road we decided to find jardin exotique palais princier and the casino and cafe de Paris. The casino and the cafe were very near ... inno wawwwwwwwwwwwww in such a small town i saw like 5 ferraries ... and the casino ... khalas khalas mich edir

  waaaaaaaaooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the view to the bay the ....... il dinniyehil she3le
Just have a Look at this picture we had to go get a film and get back to it cause it is simply not to be lost ...

-maro badna fawteh 3al casino  
- ok man
- and baddi fayyich bi euro1 .. ismna l3ibna bi casino monte carlo

inside the casino THE GIRL THE EYES THE SMILE ... al AL 7ormeh i fell in love ...... i went i stood in line and people were buying coins to play some filled a bottle other filled their hands and boxes they had. ana i bought 2 coins 2 euros ... mihi by the way there is a coin bi eeh eheh ehehe ehhhhhhhh 200, 000 euro yes 5 motha fuckin' zeros in 1 motha fuckin coin ... in one motha fuckin play you lose 200,000 motha fuckin euros   we took our coin w zahabna  

-nabil:leik man illo la hayda ysawirneh nezil min il casino  
- man hayda ba3do nezil min mercedes cl 2002 w fet7inlo il beb
- ahhhh
- leik hey 7aram m3attara lebsi djeans illa tsawwirna    

cafe de paris is very near the casino i don't advise anybody to have coffee there ..inno il coffee shaklo zamzam honik   
parked again to the jardin exotique
that shows great trees and a panormique view on all moncao i got a message there " i hope u are having a happy birthday, please don't reply " basita i was having not a happy not a great not a marvellous i was having THE birthday AL al ta3rif ... mouchaddada   yalla man we must hit da road we took also 30 mins to see the palais princier we didn't go inside just had a look eh voila we are hitting da road again to milan  


We were stuck in some traffic in menton due to the carnavals but we managed to get out and finally arrived in Milan exctly 8 pm   end of the journey   

150     Car rental
27       Fuel going
20       Highway Tolls
52       Hotel  
13       Parking all night  
11       Films for cameras  
34       Fuel way back
20       Highway tolls back  
5         Fuel before we give the car  
332 euros -
 / person = 166 euro ~ 150 $ for a dream comes true ...