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So eventually the panic attack and the hurry to finish the project faded because of so many obstacles that people eventually decided to calm down and enjoy a day on the beach :) so apparently i managed to get a weekend and i took advantage by going around in morocco a pied :)

the first thing you notice about Rabat is the clean streets and the beautiful old gates that lead from one area to another. I started the walk from Hilton and my first stop was the Palais Royal which is really a nice palace surrounded by trees and gardens and spaces the guards there dont give a shit if you go inside but they might be very suspicious if you are carrying a small black bag (on the way back full of gifts) due to the bombings in casablanca but all in all they are too tired and they just want to sleep

from the palace area i made an exit from hassan V to the left towards an area called medina where there are souks a bit old less clean and more crowded took a full turn toward the beach. Morocco have the most beautiful coast i have even seen its too long very straight you almost see the horizon from all directions walked from the beach to an Oudaya where they have something called Kasbah (old city of rabat) actually built on a hill near the shore inside it small houses of black and blue built on top of each other between them serpenting small alleys or what they call Zanqa :)

My final stop was in Oudaya Market looks very similar to khan al khalili but a bit scary and very big made an exit from it after being suffocated into hassan II from it a long hot walk to hassan V and back to the hotel

The last day i managed to take a cab to casablanca cause my flight back was from that airport. i thought id spend a day there! however i was disapointed, the romantic city we heard about in many movies and songs turned out to be a very scary poor city i managed only to step foot and take a few pictures of their famous floating mosque!

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