The Guys and ... Diala!

mainly you will find here all guys that worth mentioning, the names are shown randomly depending on the writer's mood !!   

Ramy - khayyeh

Yeah this guy showed a long endurance for staying with me since 1985 (approximately 17 years) .
the reason behind this is that we were in the same school and we went to AUB together the only guys from CSEB to be in AUB and adding that he was also in the school of engineering yet he was mechanical ... now in GE New York sometimes in Dubai. well i call him khayyeh since he is ready to do anything for me as he said ... anyway we used to share everything and he knows Nabil not BOo to the fullest ........ and the difference between Nabil and boo is another story !!

Abbass - AAA

    Although he was with me from the first day in CCE we only knew each other during the second year ... i don't know how maybe back tracing the fact that i was a friend of Hisham Mhanna who in turn was a friend of AAA... well this guy highly complicated and doesn't take life at ease on the contrary tries to complicate things as much as he can ... starting from brushing teeth ... once in a month you stand and shout "why the hell is he my friend?" - the answer is left to the people who know him, for others you should know him !!   

Rami - Smart Ass

Ok the smartest on this planet, the faster in studying ... my teammate in drinking !! used to be my roommate since we studied endless overnights together ... yeah a day before the quiz ... aragil w fattiyet wara2 ... the irony is that he disappeared without a trace ... for anyone who knows where this guy is please leave a message on +9613952421

Wisam - Skeleton

One of the laziest guys ever and of course of the nicest lets not forget one of the thinnest guys ... due to my friendship with Ramy we made friendships with the guys in ME, FEA, AUB ... yet he is the only one to last ... well i don't know why ... but days in harbieh stands as a point in history !!

Adel - Partner

   We met in the English 203 class and soon in all classes one of the CCE guys that lasted all 4 years with me, continued with me in the army, and now is working with me in TXT e-solutions. Weird ... !! ok, we live now in the same room, things get complicated sometimes ... but hey we are partners... missing hair by the day ... a total bald in few months .. KSA or girls effect after he moved to net ways Arabia ...

Youssef - Yousix

    I knew him after I knew Abbas he was electrical that's why it took us a long time ... but sure the few months spent with this guy were very nice and i wished i met him long time before. now he is doing masters in US ... good for you man keep the Americans waiting (2 minutes). 

Tarek - TK

   A very gentleman yet indeed tends to look z3ouri ... i think he was lost between the 2 until god had pity on him and sent him his beloved ... !!

Ali - The Godfather

    Also know after Abbas i really knew him during the final year ceremony ... ali you are one of the rare guys you can count on !!

Alain - VITCH 

    Yeah It's been a while I haven't edited this section ... but now bored at work i can easily add my project mate Alain aka Vitch, nice person very good programmer, lazy, French educated, lives in ein saadeh and does not support win XP!!

Philippe - PIPO

    Since we are updating this section we go on with the missing names ... Pipo no way u can find someone like him, no believe me a combination of a very good gentle guy with some party man ... You can count on Pipo but you can never know if he hates you or not :)

Brahim - BOB

Shoooooooooooooooooo BOOOoooooooooob !! My Travels mate. eh walla yaba! he got stuck in a fucked up company after Milan but we can still meet every like 3 months and talk about Milan till we drop. Now in MTC touch handling prepaid .. need units ;-) ? If it wasn't to BOB we would have lost most of our trips ... but he is definitely a good organizer a good travel mate and an annoying alarm every day at 8 :P


Marwan - Raiden 

    Marwan Majzoob ... hacker, programmer, imein 3ala latekha ?? min heda ?? Marwan aka raiden ... note: don't play computer games with him ... he just moved to another level. Travel mate as well .. now he got engaged laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nicolas - Nick

    Unbelievable how long it took me to add this guy to the hall of fame, though he is the most generous and nice guy i have ever met. his hospitality grows beyond limits. from the pearl days to Dubai job hunt and finally Dubai relocation. introducing my cruise mate, my roommate (by force), drinking, poker, narjila, DVD... In Le Grand now some big sales bullshitter ... Nicolas Hobeila saluti !

Jad - JIX

    Our source of alcohol in Qatar and our door to exciting life ... wihtout you we would have never survived Doha nor Jazeera endless boring hours ... knowing that every day in doha is its yesterday's twin .. JIX made it all different! Stay in touch dude don't you disappear ...

D. Zaatari - Sadi'teh

Who said this is a male's hall of fame? The female who made it among you and deserves 1st place ... She who endured, suffered, and tolerated Nabil through all his crazy stages and still ... My best friend of 'em all, a true lady, sometimes a workaholic ... having weird addiction to some known religion in Lebanon ... a tough fighter (Grendizer) Sadi2teh I miss you so much ....


Disclaimer: If you came here looking for a name ... and did not find it ... your name is still under construction, or I still cannot find the right words or you keep changing which makes it hard to describe you or YOU DON'T FUCKING BELONG HERE !

Discalaimer2: If you don't like your picture or the comment added ... please send an email to mentioning that and the reason and an alternative ...


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