This is sheikh Zayed seen from near UP tower facing towards Jabal Ali.
Well I know I have to eventually write about Dubai here ... but i am not in the mood to describe the country yet .. I will just drop things here in the aim that you get an idea of how i am living and maybe in the end I will make something out of all this ...

Finally settled here with house in Barsha and my new car (Golf 2004) after a long controversy on model and make ... and also the Subaru got to stay in Beirut! lucky her ... Al-Barsha is a lovely place, growing as we speak. It will host soon the new center of Dubai with all the malls growing and the buildings blossoming like mushrooms ...

I don't remember a day when I didn't wake up on the sound of the driller or the poclain in the warshe... but it's ok ... I am 5 minutes from work, 5 minutes from Madinat Jumaira and 15 minutes from Pipo's house ... My house is a single bedroom with a living room and a closed kitchen. can easily fit 4 people in and I am hoping that visitors to Dubai will find a good place to stay in ...

You can find so many attractions in Dubai. This city has grown so fast that the streets can no longer hold the huge numbers coming from Sharjah and Abu Dhabi every day. In Dubai you have to know when to go and which road to take, or you will get stuck in eternal traffic ...

Forget about the words just let the images speak for itself .. I promise I will try to give you more and more pictures about Dubai .. so that you get convinced to come here at least once.

Map to my house

Pictures from my house

More Pictures

Nick & Noelle Adios !

JIX In Dubai

BOB In Dubai

Safa MBC

Reka In Dubai


Guess I was wrong ... The above was written in the 1st 3 months of my stay ... after that , things started to be boring ... monotone, artificial life ... surely missing my SUBARU in Lebanon ... knowing the S.E.D caused after her last trips abroad definitely caused a bad mood and showed be how lonely I am in Dubai ... The problem here, or at least mine was that it is very hard to meet new people ... So i am now relocating back to Lebanon ... more to come ....

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