Life In Doha
Was it or wasn't a life?? a few trips to Doha for Jazeera project held so many surprises ... and in the end we found in Doha what I never found anywhere else.

Doha started as me taking over from Fares. All exploded in my face, when Jazeera decided to review deliverables ... nothing was found there and I had to come back with Alain to code a Resource Gallery for the site and some archiving solution ... so my first stay only lasted for few days and all I did was give HER a training in CMS.

Requests kept falling and I wasn't chosen to deploy the Gallery, Instead Fares and Firas went there. And I got stuck with Alain doing boring development for Jazeera, until finally a decision was taken: "Developers should be onsite". and there they were, the developers are back and this time for a long long time.

In Doha we had lots of fun and we made lots of friends, friends who would have never talked to each other or stayed with each other in any other circumstances. Naming a Few: Jix, Cilicio, Jocanda, Sarah, ...

Pictures in Jazeera

Leik Leik hedaaaaa Alain The Saint Me and Jix
  Boo in action Pipo ... The Gang

In the end what was left from the whole project is a line on the CV and a link:

Places to visit in Doha
-"Apple Beez" and the whole line of restaurants after Jazeera on the see ring before al Sad
-Take a turn on sad roundabout and go towards "Hardee's" where you take the right directly there "Al Reef" for "manakich"
-Take a a half turn on sad and go to the left keep going until you find Mandarin for Cocktail
-On the Cornish road keep driving until you see that big ugly pearl take the right and go in the inside road ... Bandar for fish and see food order only appetizers
-Ramada Hotel for Italian
-Intercontinental Hotel for Italian, you pay a lot but ... it's a good place to impress and to make them forgive your stupidities.
-turn to the left when you reach Ramada, keep going until you reach "Batil" ... great for coffee and for overnight shifts.
-city center Mrs Vanelli's
-LandMark Pizza Express

-Sea Line Resort: follow the signs after Missaeid, don't go unless you want to spend a few days.
-Mariott on tuesday night if it's not very crowded you can play pool.
-Anil's guest house.
-Ritz to swim one of the best beaches but very expensive ... thanks to Ramy

-Jogging on the cornish

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