We're in the army Now...

Painting was one good thing to spend time in the army .. tough it was not as easy as you can think !
When do you think you will have time to paint while in 7arbiyyeh ??
during the field trainig? during the class lesson? while eating in the kitchen? when standing in line for food? during the 4 hours of sleep?
Answer is: ... all of the above !! Of course i managed to have a small print book ... where i used to do all the sketches.

As you can see from the guy here on the left, of course i kept that note book. It is a souvenir of all the shit i suffered from in 7arbiyyeh.
Now you ask me why paiting was not easy? cause you had to do it in secret and of course nothing is allowed in army if you are not explicity asked to do.
Painting of course is out of the question ... But i managed to do it and it stands here as an evidence of all the torture.

I have scanned some sketches that reflect the environment in there and the misery and the suffering ... we can start with that shadow soldier. of course the soldier is nothing but a shadow ... you can't speak you can't move you can even wipe your sweat ... you are nothing but a shadow holding a shitty gun taken from 7arakit amal during the lebanese war ... or from mourabiton .. this is the M16 as you can see below:

M16I never really cared for the M16 trainings or how to break it and reassemble it .. though i managed to beat the record in my troop !! How come? training with stupids does not make you a hero... one of the tansa's i had in my troop is sketched here and you will see him he is a copy cat ...


Some of the pigs and naming only a little:

* Mobi - bou ijr � or simply nakhleh 3atallah, chimal, chimal . chimal , chimal !! Lost the right leg of course� moudiriyyat al ta2lil
* Istez analyze � When you wonna program you 1st need analyze � but the problem is that he can�t program, so he analiiize all his life. Introducing 3akid chemieh � ta2lil al tababa
* allooh allooh, Who's calling? They keep calling? No one, the phone was not ringing .. ah ok !! The piggest of �em all 3a2id 3ariss � !! tajhiz al tababa

Finally I am gonna end it with 2 sayings .. that really explain the situation:

  • "Il ne faut jamais desesperer d'un imbecile; avec un peu d'entrainement, on peut toujours en faire un militaire"

  • "Je meprise profondement celui qui peut, avec plaisir, marcher en rang et en formation, derriere une musique: ce ne peut etre que par erreur qu'il a recu un cerveau, une moelle epiniere lui suffirait amplement" - Albert Einstein


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