After the huge success in the monaco trip the team decided to hit again
The team
Nabil Bou Diab, and Marwan Majzoub ... as usual il 3alam il she3leh ...
profession : pilote - copilote
Abed and darwish
profession : kmelit 3adad and takhfif masarif ( at least this is what we thought )
Bob marji : guide in roma ... my bed mate ( no comment )
The Plan
the plan was to go to Roma and come back ... we decided on the way back to pass by sienna and pisa ... to see the pendent tower
( sorry AL pendent tower w ya wayliiii ... ok later )
The Start
Supposed at 7 started at 7:36 ...
boo : ma ana fayya2it il shabeb 3milit li3layyeh (at 6)
maru?: w rji3it nimt ma heik ?
boo: akid !!
dado : (mbawwaz) leish t2akkharto ?
... ma 7ada 3abbaro ...
The Autostarda
Ok directly on the Autostrada to Roma 7:36 ... reached at 12:30 in the center. akeed on the road Abed sekit ...... w faj2a lil asaf bi fi2 :
- abed : leik man sheyif hayda fout fi !! .... hmmm 7aram abed skot !!! marra teni binem byirja3 bifi2
- abed: ana mitil ijri !!! ....... abed skot !!!
we followed il bob advise to go to the termini (train station) waynik ya termini
l3amma inlif inlif inlif winta tzammirli tzammirli tzammirli ........
abed fe2 again
- abed : ..... kilna sawa abed skot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And that was it .. parked (ya salam bi baleish waynik ya nice ?)
PS: we saw 2 trans sexuals .. guys turned to girls ... with high heels and short skirts ...7aram ya abed .. fakkarto 7ormeh eh ?? .......... ya salam 3al sadmeh !!
The Hotel
we booked for a hotel (Torino ***) in the station ... yiiii w akalna dunkin donuts for the first time in Italy ..
the room was a small suit 1 room with double bed ( ana wil bob)
w ghorfeh lal wled ... hahahah fiha TV ( w into bta3rfo likfeyeh )
The plan inside Roma ( special thanks to bob marji to provide us with the details )
1st day:?Vatican city, Pzza di Spagna, Pzza del Popolo, ....., Fontana di treivi, Penthion, Pzza Navona
2nd day:? Colosseo, Hotel....., Ferro Romano(Ruins), Pzza Venezia, Via del Corso, Fontana di treivi,............, PISA.
Day 1
Bob was the guide in Rome since he visited it b4 ... we got the maps from the hotel ... eh voila ...
We decided to see the Vatican city first ... and go up the Vatican dome. we took the metro guess what from under ground .. over the river then back under ground :))
and yeah there was 2 girls very very ... they are worthy to be mentioned ... ya bayyeh 3al violet ... akhhhhh
maru ken moussir inna dirziyyeh cause all druze girls have great eyes ...
By the way it was hot ... it looks great .. ya3ni the piazza facing the dome. we took some photos .. and up the dome (waja3) yes 320 stairs ... min illi albak bi7iboon .. w zawarib w3akfet
w saradib ..... w mish ma3roof id meen eh biti meen ?? 3an jad 320 stairs w ma keno yikhlaso. mni7 ma 7ada tara2 fos ken jeb ajalna bil hal saradib
If I was a bit fatter ma ken michi il 7al !!! ... up there you can see all: the Colosseo .. the river .. the city .. the ruins ... great look
but very crowded up there you think of falling...lal sara7a i thought of getting rid of abed from there once and for all
After the Vatican ... we crossed the boarders ( :))) ) to Itlay Roma again. ya zalami on feet we travelled ... bought some souvenirs min il soeurs
and continued walkin in the sun ...... towards piazza di spagna ... the street facing it was very crowded .. akeed we only care if it crowded by girls .. I don't know about abed (see above .. the trans)
we wanted to take a picture ( jouuume3iyyeh ) lal shabeb .. so abed decided to use his .. shiyye7 way of attracting girls
- fouuuuuuuut fouuuuuuuuuuuut (stimorol way) .. ma 3abbarito
- inti ya ewwww .. haddi hal kamira !! (no comment)
We took the famous picture ... behind us the stairs of la piazza full of 7areem w tananir jannat al 7areem 3ala ard ... inshallah yotla3o bil soura ...
We entered between al 7oushoud .... and continued till piazza del poppolo (as bob said it is great to see the sunset from there)
w abbi3 raked ya m3allim ........
- bob : wlak yalla ya boo
- boo : 3amahlak ya zalami tal3it il baba halakitna (320) khattyarna
Up there great garden with a view on Roma and the sun behind going down to tell u ya bob ... lal sara7a ya3ni ... it is not a place we can b together in ya3ni ... ken badda 7areem w sunset w osas . bas yalla !!! hayda yalli tali3lna. bas il shawfi ... sa7 ya bob ?
We continued dragging to the hotel ... literally draggin ... ate (here dado jara7 ido w 3ala nakad).. slept a bit .. and back to night life .......
Roma in the night
we went directly to the fontana di trievi ... also there many tourists gather near the water. Abed again wanted to use his charm to attract a girl w 3ala la7za he was about to buy her a red rose
(allah satar)... continue to the penthion and finally to piazza novana ... a big piazza almost similar the Milan Duomo piazza
We sat and had a small ice cream ... ya raytni smi3it kilmit il bob ....... akhhhhhhhhh. Anyway it was a small ice cream for 8 euro ... SMALL ... but we sat rayya7na shway
bas 7aram dado dafa3 1,30 on his salad de fruit +8 euro w ma tolo3lo illa boule wa7di. Ya 7aram .. ma2set kif ... euro w nos ya zalami ............ ya latif
there was someone trying to imitate Michael Jackson. eh walla law shefo ken shana2 7alo ...
after we died exhausted ..... za7afna 3al hotel .. willi msammit w illi bala ka3b ijir w illi bala asabi3 ... w ana ba3ayyat ....akeed adding some habal w tiltikh w ishti3al ..........
like for a example Maru kent feyit bi we7di ....... hiyyeh meshi w houwweh ta7ash 3laya mashyit jagal
w ana min wara shouting : hey man can I call u wide ass ?? lil asaf her boyfriend ken wara
So I told maru 3ay b ya zalami shou beik kint feyit fiya ....... ???
maru : ya bayyeh shou 3am nitsallah ( no comment )
boo : hay ekhir marra ( guess why ?? )
Hotel the night
sorry i was asleep ........ 7ad il bob ........
The wake up
ran ill alarm wala 7ada 3abbar .........bas akeed meen bifi2 min tiz il sobo7 ?? ............ eh eh eh ..... il bob
ya zalami ...... lawla il bob sho mna3mil ?? ...adding to the bob's professions : ALARM
maru under the covers ...... wala se2il baddo mou3amaleh. wil chabeb absar shou 3amli bil leil .. killo a3id w ilo jledi yfi2 ..........
yalla wlehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hizzo 7alkon. all ready and alert to breakfast
*** 3 stars hotel ya3ni breakfast she3il ...
Il boo ma 3awwaf shi ......... if you look at the table in front of me and bob and maru. Ya3ni 3milna normandi ........ ya wayli ........
Day 2
on the exit of the hotel there were 2 girls on some window takin pics so sorna n3ayyitlon w asshirlon
wil maru nat w jeb il cellular taba3o 3 peices ...... intact ... killo kirmel soura bas shou banet ??
directly to the colosseo
"finch� il Colosseo star� in piedi, Roma vivr�, ma quando il Colosseo cadr�, Roma cadr� e con lei il mondo intero".
"as long as the Colosseo will be on feet, Rome will live, but when the Colosseo falls, Rome will fall and with it the entire world".
The construction of the Colosseo began?in the 72 AD, in the private area of the garden of Nerone, to the inside of the Gold Domus.
This enormous structure, could accommodate more than 50.000 persons, all comfortably seated, was destined to accommodate sangunari combats between gladiatori and feracious beasts.
ok as you see above it is a huge building but now after many earthquakes and from the vibrations caused by the metropolitana ... the colosseo is going down
they are trying to keep it in shape but mostly it is now like only 20%, so the colosseo fell down ...... bas the world is still on its feet .. miiiiiiiihhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
if maru didn't insist we wouldn't have gone inside it inno we guessed inno nothing there. bas yalla 8 euro and we are in ,,,, also severly damaged you cannot see the madarij all gone
Well ya shabeb dado ken feyit fiya bayekha all day ... so arafna ........ w deyman kilna sawa miiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
We took there some memorial pictures with the combatents ... people dressed like old fighters. bas shou ya maru ... nzallayna ..... hajamo 3layna wil souwar 3am bitsawwir
iili hajamo 3ala baydato w illi 3am yokhso .. w illi kemshino mitil il khiryeh bas rahibeh we laughed a lot ..... thanks Maru for the idea (10 euro)
tara2a maru tiltikha 3al wa7ad bayye3 siri lanki he came to sell us so maru tolo3lo :
"wil sa7 in da7 il boo - wil wad tali3 la boo"
w 3allamne yeha ... w fet fiya .. wbil jaw !!?
up a bit behind the Colosseo is the palatino (for abed platinio hahaha) nothing much but i guess il za3im used to sit there ,... and it shows Roma under. Just a small garden .. nothing much
back to the hotel check out ... 7abbeyit il 160 euro .......back again to the ruins of Roma the old city Ferro Romano. Great but inno as basis ruins ... inno ruins shou baddi oul ... see pics
w 3ala toul akeed ya bayyeh shou 3am nitsallah. bas just there inno khalllllllasssssssssssssssssssssss
maru : this is the last city I'm had enough of Italian cities and ruins
boo : yeah me too !! this is the last one .... mouch adir
again a small tour in roma for some pics .. habbeyit gelato ... w s7ab ........
car is still there (waow) ...... hit the road to Pisa .. no more sienna eh ma akeed. No planning no shit wi kill wa7ad baddo ya3ti moula7aza hon w soura hon w si77nnnnnnnnnni
ya3ni a trip in 5 ...... bad bad bad ..... maybe those 5 bas mouch 3aref inno ya3ni .. we tried 3 tamem ... (Florence) 2 ... tamem (nice) 5 ........ (no comment)
My laptop
Inno il zalami walla ti3ib ma3na w asbata 3an jadara ..... very very good software and maps. he helped us get out from Roma and take the way to Pisa. we hit the autostarda toflorence and left to pisa ......
ma 7ada m3abbara . nothing .. 7a2leh ... small village .. wala shi ... baz2a . sifr 3al shmel ........ STOP ..... erase rewind
The way to pisa ... following my pc notes ... we were getting there in no time. really a race with the sunset we wanted to take a pic b4 sunset ..... arrived at a station filled some gaz w asked it was 12 km ahead. 3al we still have 30 minutes to sunset
arrived at the detour I was busy with the laptop and did not see it was genova or livorno ... ok maru asked right or left ??
- dado : right
- maru : followed the advise inno the driver baddo kilmeh yisma3a
- boo :la2 wleeeeeeeeeeeeh mish 3ala genova
And that was it wrong guess dado (raytak khrit w ma 7kit) we went out of the autostrada tawords Milan w baddak min ya3rif yarajji3na ...maybe 20 km we found an exit
maru : khalas man we continue to milan baleha hal tour
boo : la2 man law la nos il liel baddo shoufo lal a3waj
We found an exit to Lucca .... ok again I love you laptop ........ gave the way from lucca to pisa. 12 km ... only then maru decided to continue ........ (al israr)
Moudrikon tarikah wasikon min nefsih wal laptop wal co-pilote (boo) maru took the curves and the bad roads and the almost need4speed tracks feyit bil kwe3 mitil ma ken feyit bil bint w her boyfriend see above !! reach pisa ok where is the tour??? .........
(thanks to my pc we knew it is called torre pendente ) ask ... go right go left diritto ... corner tal3a shmel foot bil 7et ... nzal bil joura. ask ask ask .............
finally .. we saw two guys
boo : scuza ?
guys : si ??
boo : (seeing the tour just in front of his eyes) grazie . niente
hahahaha, lak wayno ya bayyyyyyyyyyyehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. akho llllllllllllll ..... sawwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir .... fa22issssssssssss
Yallla la77i2 ....... there was still ray of light (madonna)
bas i have never seen somehitng like this how come ?? kif ?? mish tabi3i. Lewi2 w mitil ijro .......
bob: man fik tou2af ta7to bil shiti hahahahaha. 3an jad a mistery
Not to forget the Duomo there is nice also ..... but this is everything in the city
Way back
way back take the autostarda A15 to parma .. then up A1 milano. but lil2asaf A15 was heavily jammed ... so we were delayed about one hour
w abed ykoun neyim w mitil il 3adi yfi2 w yiddilo 7ikam. leik man mish a7san ta3tiya 4eme ?? .... abed skot........
Of course only if maru accepted to go to right lane ...(emergency lane) ma kenit akhadit hal ad ,,, bas maru insein bi7ib il nizam ... (ya mhazzab)
got to Milan on about 10:12 minutes pm ate burger king ... and slept happily ever after ..........
special thanks to:
Marwan : Pilote - coplilote
Nabil : Pilote - copilote
Ibrahim : guide, alarm !!
abed, dado : providing laughing material, nakad generating machine
Toshiba Laptop : (Europ Routes Software) chapeau bas ........
130 � car
160 � hotel
137 � fuel
45 � toll roads
22?� food
40 � colosseo entry
25 � vatican entry
559 � / 5 = 111.8 � total
other masarif for me
5 � picture
10 � calendars
4 � kishtben
3 � cards
8 � gelato
3.5 � gelato
2 � juice
9 � burger king
44.5 � total
TOTAL = 156.3 �
trip to roma an pisa ....... last remark ... if I didn't see Pisa pendent tower I would have said I threw all this. but only for Pisa I pay more than 200 ..........
another mail for history