The Party was a huge success ... but the Punch was tough though... a mixture of everything and Nick thinks he can do it again at will ... ahleiinnn !!

However after the second shot, everybody is relaxed and enjoying the great *full or carbs* food ... good mood good food ... with some weird music every now and then played by our drunk DJ??

In the end nothing was left but empty bottles, empty dishes ... and lots of memories ... You can see a serious lack of pictures as we were busy eating/drinking ! appologies ...

I can't comment on the after party as i left early with Rani

U2 we are gona miss you ... Dubai will never be the same again ... Saluti !!

- Have a nice life !! :P


Food - before !!!!




From left to right: Rabih, Nathalie, Bassel, Albert, Fadi, Rani, Sumo, Nick, Noelle, Abha


Food - again !

From left to right: Boo, Abha, Noelle, Fadi, Albert, Nick



Noelle Abha and the Beast !



Tasting the punch for the 100th time!!

Noelle and Mr. Pahhady