Milan - Italy � ( sad city )

I know you expect to find a lot here .. a lot about Milan and my life there .. well i spent here a year so definitely i have lots of memories .. unfortunately we were too busy to keep record ...
Well hell no it is the sad city. The city of fog and non-stop rain. The city of wide empty spaces. The dead city.

The main attraction in Milano is of course the Duomo. The huge old church in center-town. we spent endless hours there and endless walks ... under the rain, in the sun ... in the mist ... all quit romantic, yet of course in Milan i wasn't looking for romance ...

The piazza near it holds the largest number of tourists in the area � you can find many strange things here and even many strange people. Expensive restaurants and caffes � all activities are done here so whenever you pass by, definitely you will find something to entertain you ... especially if Italy football team is playing and the match is displayed on huge screen .. now this is a scene to remember

Also facing the Duomo to the right we have the Galleria � you can see the entrance in the picture �

Very luxurious and expensive, looks like a piece of Monaco. Of course better seen in the night when it is all enlightened also I don�t advise any one to buy coffee there � just have a walk and look all around.

Don�t forget to step on the bull�s balls this will increase your sexual ability � at least they say so !!!

Leonardo facing La scala La Galleria ... and the most expensive restos    ok go inside the Galleria keep walking to get to a piazza. To your left you will see the Opera la Scala. mainly this piazza is for kaj w maj ... Continue next to La Scalla to the end you cross "Brera Street" or as the guys call it BZEZA ...(Good only on Saturdays !!)


First Days in Milan

Finally I have my own pc but the keyboard is fucking German ... I managed to write the below with it !

1st the flight
Hungarian Airlines are very bad "mitil 3ilbit el sardin" I couldn't sleep we landed in Budapest for like an hour and then directly to Milan. Landed in Malpensa airport. we took a fast train "The Malpensa Express" to Cadorna Metro station. From Cadorna we took the red line Metro to Cairoli and then the green to Sant Ambrogio - via amicis !

2nd the house
Directly near the metro because we live in the center downtown of the city it is very beautiful it has its own style ... old village style ... very beautiful !
public transportation is very good and fast and the city is very beautiful and the people are very nice

3rd the guys
we leave in a residence where all the guys who work there already live it is 5 floors me and Adel live near Imad in the 3rd floor the guys are
on the 4th and 5th but mish ma3roof room min bi ... min. We all live together, eat together and drink together w mi2leyit min mish ma3roufi bi bayt min

4th the weather
Fog and rain for now but not very cold, nice weather you can walk under the rain ... 

6th the food
The same day i arrived I had burger king double wooper + fries + pepsi then i ordered again 2 hamburgers w fries w pepsi then tara2na wehdiyyit pizza. I don't know why?
at 4:30 i was near el duomo a big church next to burger king shi akho .. toot fazi3a bokra i will send pictures but i still don't have internet at home. fi sou3oubit teliphone 5$ per 10 minutes ... fa ajlouli el 7anen shway

7th the work
big offices w 3alam shi mitil New york akho man mish ma3rouf shou shighli wala ana min and they call me nebbir ... but they will learn my name soon ... Adel is oder !!
they didn't assign me a project yet bas shi mish mafhoum aslo ya3ni java template on c++ fields all on unix platform with GUI hihihi

We have a nearby supermarket and a bank and a nightclub and a cinema all 5 minutes away from my casa
I am learning Italian very fast
nabil e largo, io parlo italiano molto bene

yalla I am tired typing, badkon shi ?

il Bouzieb fi italia ...
write soon