or as they call it also Firenze ...

heaven on earth .. this is the most beautiful place you can ever visit i guess ... nothing more beautiful nor richer in museums cathedrals and monuments ... streets bridges on the river ... simply a piece of heaven

we took the train from milano Central FS to Firenze Santa Maria Novella (Firenze SMN)... and SMN is the most importante chursh in Florence.

when we arrived at the end of the station we booked for a hotel 2 stars and as soon as we put our feet in the city we were amazed ... the 3 of us just gazed and i said waaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww shou heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i think everybody to see it fo rthe 1st time will say the same thing ... the cathedral is just in front of the train station. we didnt get into it .. we headed directly to our hotel to put our laguages and we discovered that it is in the center of the old city ya3ni bi nos din il manta2a al siyahiya we were very happy to know that. and we started walking and watching ..

there is a duomo there also, but the one in Milano is much better anyway they are different in style ... we continued to see all the Piazzas (sa7at) and the Chapels and the cassels ... we walked for 4 hours adding that the train took 3 hours and we woke up at 6 so he stopped for a break in the hotel again.

b4 we went to the hotel we saw some kind of entrance to a garden (Giardino de boboli) 4000 IL so we said yalla halla2 mnirja3la i dont think we wil find something exciting there ... but we came back and we went inside to say waaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww ok they named it boboli meaning that it looks like (jana2in babel al mou3alka) you many say not to be compared but i say it is heaven statues ... pounds bridges piscines and you keep going up until you reach a hill on its top you look down to see ?? yes all florence ... fantastic view ...

ok after 2 hours of wondering inside kashouna ... and we continued walking we had dinner in a pizzeria afkham chi bi florence shawkeh w sikkin w osas ...

ok at night we had lunch in a egyptian place .. w akalna falefil (I never knew it was Falafil until he told me, in other words very bad !!) , we met 2 lebanese girls there bil sodfeh (Marwan was saying leik ya chabeb hal binten yalli hadna 3am byitalla3o fiyyeah chakleh 3ajeba. I saw her friend talking to her so i told marwan shakloun ya zalameh bya3rfo 3arabeh w fahmenin 3layna kill chi .. alleh addech badnon yefhamo maximum ya3ni, chou ra2yak ba3milla doux eyes. ana ballashit idda7ak i knew they were arabs, so they stood and said "ok , kif 3ajabetkon italia" so marwan said "mihi ..")

they work fo fashion we talked to them a bit but they were older then us and have lots of money they were willing to spend the night in a very classy palce so ghallaynehon walla ghallouna ma ba3rif ... anyway we stayed in the sa7at having fun and dancing and listening to music until 1 am kholso zaytetna ... i forgot to tell you that florence is divided in 2 by a river and on the river there are like 5 bridges just imagine .. the beauty of standing on one of them in the day or in the night

we woke up at 8 had breakfast in the hotel and went to a bike rental place we took 3 mountain bikes and he gave us a map to outside the city the nature ya3ni ... wala libnen wala baydati ... chi mitil el kizeb we stayed bikin gin nature and in parks and inside the forests for 3 hours we came back to the city and bikes inside the old streets had lots of photos ... and finally tiome to leave at 3 pm we arrivred to the station we booked but the train was lats 1 hour so we slept on the floor, I met an american girl there she was with us in the train on the weay to Florence she was going back to MIlano, i think i will have dinner with her today near the duomo in milan ... came back to milano and it started raining eh voila ....

back to boring life since milano and all its beauty was just dull compared to Florence

willi ma chef ma diri ... all the mashrou3 kallaf
42000 ticket
90000 hotel
24000 lunch pizza
4000 boboli
20000 bycicles
4000 souvenir
10000 lunch
5000 water and pepsi
42000 ticket back
w frata
ya3ni ... 250 000 IL = 125 $ worth every penny

PS: we didnt go inside any museum nor a church nor a citadel cause each one costs like 10000 entrance and we didnt have time and there are like 150 places to visit .....So we enjoyed the outside very much .........anyway it was more than enough.