Anjar Trip !! (Akkar ?? ...)

From Afqa to Jahlieh, from Sunday to Monday to Saturday ... It was decided on ??. BOo took the taxi from Jahlieh to the 7adara, a bus from Kfar7im to Mishref, another one from Mishref to Cola and a taxi to Diala's ... Late? Not really I wasn't the last to get there ..

We took the bus not knowing where the organizer's taking us ...  First stop was to have breakfast ... and we roll'

The Team:
The team from left to right

Nayla, Hadi, Diala, Mona, Fifi, Mona, Hiba, Diana, Pousha, ... Wayna Hiba JAZZAR

Nabil was taking the picture ... it was decided that he will not fit in the frame anyway !!


The organizer:
You might surprised why our Organizer has lots of pictures ....

a) because he is the organizer?
b) because he is photogenic ?
c) because he is the only guy in the trip
e) None of the above. Your answer is: It was his camera !!


The picture is taken in Berdawni... This stop was not in the Organizer's plan ... but since KSARA was OFF we just picked up Pousha and headed to Berdawni ...  Behind our organizer is the lake behind the restaurant where we had lunch. This is where the restaurant picks frogs !!! but you have to wait for like 24 hours. You might change your mind if in a hurry and choose fish from the river on the other side ... Please Nayla provide the picture of the fish platter for Boo and Hiba !
Preparing the scene for HULK

HULK Himself
After Food:
Dish after dish after dish and appetizer after appetizer (25 of them) ... team falat in the woods (looking for the missing frogs) ...
Team gathered for a picture to seize the moment. Trying to be a bit serious about it:
-BOo holding his breath to swallow his belly
- Fifi doing the same but she fainted
- Hadi applying for super star
- Diala had to stand on the rock for measurement problems :D
- Hiba holding a fly and not willing to let it go
- Mona applying for miss lebanon
- ... still eating ... !! &*%$

Le Chateau:
Trying to do a long walk to "Le Chateau" (5 minutes) ... guys decided it's too long ... BOo, Nayla decided it's worth it ... but indeed it was too long ... too long that we forgot to take the picture when we got there ... so appologies you get the first step picture only. Just follow the sign!
PS: the fields right and left are Kefraya grapes fields.

The train:

Also aligned for another fancy shot ... fat guy behind, shorty in the front, and not sure where Hiba is pulling her head from !!

Having a rest after a tough football match !! Watch out from the guards ... guards hate football especially near the roses ..
The way back:


I am sure you know that by clicking on the small pictures you get the large ones !! (Ah you didn't ?? ... ) - Also the flying UFO!
Not to forget the best for last .. our famous ...